By Rowan Sinclair-Gregg

This afternoon it rained and so the group of tutors and students who usually play Tunes at Noon Wednesday in Schepp’s garden took up their instruments to move indoors.

While I sat at my desk in admissions I could hear tutor Mr. Stickney singing the lyrics of “The Twa Sisters” and playing his fiddle while Mr. von Briesen plucked the Washtub bass. The lyrics to the song took in mind the weather outside. He sang: “oh the wind and rain! dreadful wind and rain.”



On the opposite couch sat Mr. Donahue, tutor emeritus and co-director of Green Lion Press, strumming his banjo. Soon they were joined by students Bum Cheul Park (SF’19) and Michael Barnes(SF’19) and the seating area of Weigle Hall was quite full.






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