Campus Life

Homecoming 2017

By Cookie Chang

Homecoming was a blast! It was lovely to have all of the alumnus come back to visit us this weekend at our Homecoming Weekend. Up here are a couple of photos from the Alumni Networking Brunch, where current students had an opportunity to converse with alumni that have been undergraduates, alumni GI students, and even tutors! The experience was also enhanced by the ability to move from table to table, where students get to explore some, if not all of their interests by conversing with an alumnus of that particular field.

Homecoming 2017 1 Homecoming 2017 2

And here are some photos from other Homecoming events in both Annapolis and Santa Fe, including the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the St. John’s Graduate Institute!

We look forward to Homecoming again next year!

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