By Rowan Sinclair-Gregg

Yesterday at noon Career Services hosted its annual Summer Experience Fair outside Levan Hall. It was there that students who had received funding for internships and other programs gathered to speak about their involvement.


Ms. Chen SF’18 was the recipient of the Ariel award and interned with the Institute for China American Studies in Washington D.C Ms. Chen is looking toward a career in Political Philosophy when she graduates this May, and felt this internship would be beneficial in those pursuits.


I was a recipient of the Global Pathways award and for two months studied german at the Goethe Institute in Berlin Germany. I enrolled in this program with hopes of attaining some knowledge of german that would allow me to further my understanding of philosophical texts and literature in the language.



Mr. Sturgill, a recent grad, received a Global Pathways and studied impressionist painting in Aix-en-Provence France.  Sturgill brought his own works as well as the supplies he used during the course to display.


Mr. Schaub SF’18 (left) received an Ariel internship to work in the Los Alamos lab locally in New Mexico. There Mr. Schaub developed an artificial neural network to produce image reconstruction “with an eventual goal of 3D trajectory reconstruction,” being inspired by the way the human eye functions. Mr. Schaub said he was likely to pursue a career in Physics upon graduation.

Considering these four internship and programs alone one has an idea of the variety of interests both discovered and developed over the summer.






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