The Johnnie Chair Team

Aidel Townsley, ‘22

Hello Prospies! My name is Aidel Townsley and I am a current freshman, class of ’22, from Los Angeles, CA and Israel. I am a freshman delegate on Delegate Council, SJC’s student government, a participant of Kunai (our woman’s intramural program) and the best team on campus, the Druid Hawks! My passions include music, writing, and neuropsychology. My favorite book on the program (so far) is Emily Wilson’s translation of The Odyssey. Can’t wait to see you on campus!

Rory Johnson ‘22

I am Rory and I am a freshman at St. John’s College (Annapolis). I grew up in Baltimore, Maryland and have spent my whole life there. I first visited sjc in the fall of my senior year, and I fell in love with the college. Walking around campus and visiting tutorials, I saw how engaged and ambitious the students are about learning and experiencing the program, which subsequently made me want to be a part of such a special community of individuals. I began working in the admissions office a mere few weeks ago and am looking forward to the weeks to come! I want to spread my appreciation for this school to prospective students in hopes they will love it as well. Within the community, I row on the crew team, which practices at the crack of dawn, waltz, and throw pottery. My friends and I enjoy exploring downtown Annapolis and having snack filled movie nights. I am incredibly grateful for sjc and cannot wait for what’s to come!

Kostiantyn Rymar, ’23

Hi, my name is Kostia and I am an international student from Ukraine. I heard about the St. John’s College when the admission officer made the long way to my high school in Armenia. The representative briefly spoke about the curriculum founded upon the study of the  “Great Book”.  Ironically,  my High school tutor was Johnnie; following our 2-hour discussion, I was inspired to find out how much I can take from the academic program that is so remarkably different.

I like rainy weather, prefer dogs over cats, my favorite book is “Flowers for Algernon” by Danial Kiz, and I have no idea how to drink coffee with ice.

Here at St. John’s  I was introduced to such a beautiful thing: Swing. I’ve never thought that I can dance, but weekly dance lessons led by students proved to be the opposite. 

Margaret Wilson Merritt, ‘22

Margaret Wilson Merritt, or Mils, is a writer, scholar, mischief maker, and SF class of 2022. Born and raised on the coast of Maine, I ended up on the path to St. John’s through a family friend. After some difficulty finding a college that would fit a free spirit and driven mind, I looked up St. John’s again – and what can I say! I fell in love and have been a Johnnie ever since. My goal is to either work in publishing or academe, with emphasis on literature and philosophy and of course I will never stop writing stories and essays! I have been working in admissions since last year – all through covid, and I have strived ever since to bring the magic of St. John’s to the world.

I love water, musicals, the melancholy, great books, chocolate, and Wes Anderson films. I drink tea and coffee because why pick? My favorite books change but at the moment I love Persuasion (which I am reading in a precept) and the stories of Flannery O’Conner are a surprise new interest!