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Reality Weekend πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Reality weekend celebrates the end of the year with various party events for every type of student on campus.

Me (Aidel Townsley) blowing bubbles on The Quad

It started off on Friday May 3rd, after classes, with a bittersweet intramural event.  Every team runs a marathon relay style, one person doing a lap and then tagging in the next member on their team. This year my team (The Druids) won, and we went off on the last lap together as a team. After the marathon senior captains say goodbye to their teams and announce new captains. Later that night there was a dance party in the great hall.

Druid Team Photo

The next morning there was a cookout and laser tag in Mellon Hall. Slip n Slide started on the back hill at 3 and people were sliding down on blow up unicorn and dragon pool floaties. It was tons of fun watching people do accidental somersaults. Plus they tapped root beer kegs! Who even knew they made those?

Slip n slide on back campus

It rained that night so we moved the toga bonfire indoors and combined it with karaoke. S’mores and singing? Sign me up.

Sunday was the last day and a little rainy as well. Spartan Madball was played in the morning which is a game with quite literally three rules, it ends after 3 people are admitted to the hospital or if one team scores three points. Plus no automated vehicles on the field.

We then gathered into FSK lobby for some music with our resident jazz and blues band, The Razzmatazz as well as our beloved alt band Laundry. Tacos and mac n cheese were served alongside this.

The last event of reality weekend was a petting zoo on back campus. Bunnies, chickens, goats, and even a little horse made an appearance (lil’ sebastian from Parks and Rec anyone?)

Overall it was a great and relaxing weekend to celebrate our hard work this year.

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