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Wondering What Some Seniors Are Doing Post-Grad?

Wondering what graduates from St. John’s College go on to do?  Here’s what three seniors are doing immediately post graduation:


Anh says:

“I am planning to apply for law school in the next admissions cycle, so I’m currently studying for the LSAT, and will be taking the LSAT later this summer. I’m also going to intern at the Los Alamos National Lab (LANL) in subatomic physics this summer. Although this internship is not directly related to law, I’m really excited about this opportunity to explore what it is like to work in science, as I have always been interested in math and science but never seriously considered delving more deeply into these fields. Working at LANL will also give me valuable experience which will set me apart from other applicants when I apply to law school next year. Plus, as I know next to nothing about modern particle physics, this is a great challenge for me to put those skills to test which I have gained in the last 4 years at St. John’s, i.e. the ability to read dense, technical texts and to study unfamiliar subjects. So, overall, I’m looking forward to this summer post-graduation!”

Sophia says:

“Immediately after graduation, I will be heading to Europe to attend RILA–the Rome Institute of Liberal Arts.  The program I am attending is called Beauty & the Sacred, and we will be reading texts from thinkers like Plato, Dante, and Hegel, while studying art & architecture in Rome.  St. John’s is specially affiliated with a few incredibly well-conceived programs like RILA in Rome, the Marchutz School of Fine Arts in Southern France, Semester at Sea, and more.  It’s a great way to travel abroad during the summers, and there are scholarships and funding available from SJC.

After I return to the U.S. in August, I am lined up to go to New York to work at a Waldorf school as a teaching assistant for Grade 1.  I’ve always been interested in child education/development and alternative pedagogy.  Waldorf schools have a very wholesome curriculum, which helps students foster skills in visual arts, music, dance, practical knowledge, and all the liberal arts.  This particular Waldorf school is attached to a farm and integrates sustainability into their community lifestyle.  I’ve visited the school multiple times, and it really is a beautiful, warm, and intellectual community with like-minded people who have a desire to learn and grow together.  I am thrilled to see what this opportunity evolves into for me.”

Cara says:

“I will be attending UCLA Law School this fall. For me, the decision to go to law school arose from a series of events. It started over two years ago when my mother told me her experience of using legal knowledge to protect both herself and my father. I have also learned from my own experience that law is an important tool that can empower me to help both myself and those who are less able to help themselves. A lot of people are not only incapable of fighting for themselves, but do not even know that they have that option. I am aware that courage alone is not enough for me to be an effective advocate in society.  I hope that Law school will give me the opportunity to develop the additional skills that will enable me to provide the disadvantaged with legal recognition of their status and their rights and therefore ensure that their voices are heard.

It was rather stressful to study for the LSAT alongside my schoolwork last semester. Many times I felt I was riding an emotional roller coaster. Fortunately for me, both my tutors and my friends have been very supportive. I am grateful for all the help and support they have given me that’s made applying for law schools a much less anxious process. The sunlight in Santa Fe and Mitzi (our assistance dog on campus) have also helped me thrive!

Moving to a new city can be a scary move, but I am also quite excited about heading to Los Angeles this fall. The film festivals, dance studios, and wide range of cuisine in L.A. are among the many things that I want to experience there. Besides, “284 sunny days per year” sounds too good to be true!”

Good luck seniors!

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