By Asher Parker

dog 19:30—get up, grab a quick breakfast, and let my dog Ulysses out before I start the day. We take a walk through the Arroyo and enjoy the time outdoors.

book11:00—meet with my senior essay advisor Mr. Rawn to discuss Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra. We meet each week to read the book through carefully together. Today we discuss becoming one’s own savior.

12:30—head to lunch with friends.

1:30—senior language with Ms. van Boxel. At the moment we’re reading Lord Byron’s Manfred. We discuss what it means to create oneself in the face of suffering.

3:05—senior math with Mr. Walpin. Today we’re working through Einstein’s “The Foundation of the General Theory of Relativity.”

4:30—take a walk with Ulysses and my pal Adna before dinner. The sunset is spectacular.

5:30—eat a quick dinner to give myself some time to study

6:15—head to the library with friends to re-read my preceptorial reading for the evening, start to collect myself for class.

7:30—class again with Ms. van Boxel, but this time for Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra. The class has been one of my favorites in my time at the college; I leave each night having learned substantially from my classmates.

10:00—head down to the Student Activity Center for jiujitsu with friends

11:15—get back to the dorm, take Ulysses out briefly, and consolidate my thoughts after precept for my senior essay.

12:30—get ready for bed

1:00—turn in for the night

Note: Service and emotional support animals are welcome at St. John’s—for more details, contact the office of student life.

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