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Nabla: A Symposium

Recently revived, Nabla is a classy evening gala for upperclassmen and tutors to mingle together, and for those over 21 to do so over a drink.  The function’s namesake, Nabla, was chosen for its pertinence to the upperclassmen’s math and lab curriculum. Nabla is a symbol that first shows up in Maxwell’s equations junior year, but continues its relevance into senior year.  This distinguishes the festivity as something for upperclassmen only.  Nabla took place this past Friday, December 7th, in Levan Hall, one of the campus’ newer and more modern facilities. Decked out with candles, cloths, string lights, appetizers, and a full bar, Levan Hall accommodated students, tutors, and lively conversation.  The excitement around the event really speaks to the hunger that the college has for close community. It’s rare that an educational institution fosters and encourages this kind of mingling across boundaries between the people within it. Nabla was a symposium for like minds engaging in dialogue outside of the classroom.

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