A Typical Monday

7:30 am – I wake up and collect my thoughts for the day, maybe even make a mental plan. I then head to breakfast to grab a croissant and tea.

8:30 am – From the dining hall, I continue on to work at the admissions office.

10:30 am – I head back to the room to read some for math and seminar. We are currently in the midst of Euclid and Plato.

12:00 pm – My friends and I head to lunch.

12:45 – I hang out for a bit with friends, and then I go back to the dorm to review some math propositions.

2:20 pm- Go to math class. We are currently on Book VI.

3:30 pm- I either go to the pottery room to throw some, or hang with friends.

6:00 pm – My friends and I head to dinner hoping for pasta night.

7:00 pm – Go back to the room and prepare for seminar.

8:00 pm – Seminar! We just had our seminar on Parmenides. 

10:00 pm – Hang out with friends after seminar and get ready for bed.

12:00 pm – sleep


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