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Reflection on the First Few Weeks at St. John’s

By Rory Johnson

In the time leading up to August 23rd, the overwhelming abundance of fear for the unknown wrapped around my being like a cloak. The cliché thoughts of making new friends, having a roommate, and eating dining hall food everyday raced through my mind never ceasing. I stepped onto campus with my parents, nerves strong enough to make my stomach churn, and a slight sadness for what I was temporarily leaving behind. As I walked through the festivities of the day seeing unfamiliar face after face, I couldn’t help but wonder what I was going to do with a complete fresh start. The opportunity of recreating oneself when beginning a new life in a new place confused me, as I did not want to change who I am for the sake of doing so. I held fast to who I am, and I found myself slowly sinking into the ocean that is St. John’s.

We are quite literally a school of fish in an intellectually unbounded and unknown world. As time ticked by, I made dear friends and caught the flow of different tides within the larger current of the school. The first few tutorials stretched my thoughts to unfamiliar and confusing horizons as I was not used to presenting the question of why, how and what does it mean, in every aspect of my studies. As I began to grow more comfortable with my peers and the program I found myself able to question the topics at hand with more excitement and confidence. I knew that St. John’s College was special, more so than any other college out there. I did not and still do not understand what it means to be a part of something so rare and wonderful, but I glanced into the possibility when I participated in the opening convocation and what seemed to be angels singing through the hall. I now immerse myself in the possibilities of the school, both rare and wonderful, every single day and I am grateful for this immeasurable experience with every second that I am able to be here and experience  the gift of a St. John’s education.

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