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5 Ways to Make Your Dorm Room More Like Home

By Rediet Worku

College is a time of transition, adjusting and learning- especially for the handful of students that are going to be away from home for the first time. Trying to finish your readings while balancing other aspects of college life can be overwhelming. That’s why your room should be your sanctuary. Your room should bring you comfort after a long day. But often, dorm rooms are plain and boring. Most students are met with a bed, closet and a desk when they move into their new dorm room. Rather than getting disheartened, think of your dorm as a blank canvas waiting for your creativity to encompass it. Here are 5 ways you can make your dorm feel like home.

  1. Start with your bed

Your bed will likely cover the most surface area in your room, meaning it will be the key thing that sets the tone of your room. The bedding you choose can either make your room feel cozy or cold, so choose one that embodies your personality. One thing to remember about choosing bedding is that you will probably end up with food and drink spills on it. Although, white beddings are good for a minimalistic theme, keep in mind that it will show everything, whereas a dark or colorful bedding will be more durable.

  1. Wall Art

Although your room may not be as big as you want it to be, you have more space than you think. Your white walls have so much potential. This is your chance to cover up the bland concrete walls with tapestries and wall art, setting the tone of your room. No matter your style, you can find tapestries that will fit your theme. This is also your chance to exhibit your vinyl and art collections. You could hang your favorite records and put up your paintings. However, most colleges have regulations regarding what you can do to your walls. You can’t use nails or tacks, but don’t let that discourage you. Utilize Command Hooks for everything you need to put up.

  1. Lights

The remedy to the dreariness caused by the unflattering fluorescent lighting is to bring back the warmth in your room by adding lamps and string lights. The traditional lamps may be used to evoke a homier feeling while supplying you with good lighting to get your work done. Similarly, string lights will not only improve the lighting but will also add a flare to your room.

  1. Desk Supplies

Besides your bed, you’re most likely going to spend the most time at your desk. As a result, it is important that your desk is conducive for studying long into the night. You could get organizers for your pens/pencils, loose papers, and other supplies.

  1. The floor

There’s nothing like a fluffy rug to make you feel like you’re at home. Getting a rug will not only cover up your linoleum floor but will also keep you warm during the winters. Just like your bedding, I suggest that you get a rug that’s easy to clean. Your rug could be an easy way to bring all the different elements on your room together and transform the space.dorm room 2

Decorating your dorm room doesn’t have to be all about function. This is where you sleep, where you and your friends spend late nights in and where you study. Creating a space that provides the energy you need to stay up doing work is key and these decorations will help you turn your room into your safe-haven.

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  1. A nice one. I love it.


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