St. John's College Santa Fe

So, Santa Fe is a DESERT?

By Rory Gilchrist

New Mexico’s a desert, right? Wikipedia says so, anyway. We’re nestled up and away in the Sangre de Christo Mountains, so it certainly gets cold enough to snow every now and then. This morning, when I headed over to the Student Activities Center gym, it was foggy and snowing and crisp underfoot. Gorgeous.


It was like that until most of today, until in about the space of thirty minutes, it totally cleared up, and left a beautiful blue sky. Take a look at these pictures I snapped from my cell phone:

View of SFH and ESL, taken from Jones Balcony
This is the view from my dorm’s balcony.

View of SFH taken from Weigle parking lot
Stunning! It’s amazing how quickly the weather can change…

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1 comment on “So, Santa Fe is a DESERT?

  1. I was just in the desert and there’s still a bunch of snow islands here and there. It really is a strange landscape, but it’s beautiful how the spaciousness an crisp air makes you feel light. Looking up on Monte Sol the sparse trees always makes makes me think of the hairs of a toddler or an old man for some reason.


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