By Bilsana Bibic

Today was a busy day. After my Admissions job I did mentoring for two hours and came back to campus a bit tired. Plus, the dinner didn’t turn out to be very good so I was a bit grumpy. I had the Federalist Papers to read in order to finish the third section of my paper and really just wanted to nap. And then, while I was sitting in the dinning hall, it occurred to me that tonight was the night of Senior Snack!

Senior Snack is a tradition we maintain at St. John’s. Every Wednesday evening the Junior class prepares food for the Seniors in order to encourage and support them during the writing period. They had mac and cheese and mashed potatoes with fried chicken tonight. Sometimes a little comfort food goes a long ways – it was delicious. And on top of the food, lots of seniors showed up so we ended up hanging out and talking about our papers for a while. Thanks Juniors!

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