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The Snows of Santa Fe – Photo Gallery

Winter Break at the Santa Fe campus is among the quietest times on campus. The sounds of students speaking in the halls are replaced by silence, with classes out of session and only a few brave souls living in the dorms.

However, the wintertime in this mountainous area of the Southwest always brings with it a few snowstorms with which to blanket the sleeping campus and some bitter winds to keep the fires burning hot. Below are a few of our favorite snowy images from the past few weeks of snow and cold:

SJC Sign

Hikers of the Atalaya Trail, which begins at our Visitor’s Parking Lot, are welcomed early on with this beautiful sight of campus. Even after a snow, many individuals can be seen enjoying the trails.

Armilary Sphere snow

Our brand new armillary sphere is enjoying its first of many winters here in Santa Fe. Gleaming beautifully in the snow, it has quickly becoming one of the jewels of the campus, no matter the weather.

If Frozen were to happen in real life, I assume the trees would look something like these branches above.

Statues in snow

These statues, found on a short trail leading up to the greenhouse, are some of the most haunting images on the Santa Fe campus. Beneath a cloudy sun, above a snowy platform, they are even more sublime.

From the greenhouse, one can get a spectacular view of the Santa Fe campus, nestled between Monte Sol, Atalaya Mountain, and the arroyos below. That view remains spectacular no matter the weather, but feels especially beautiful coated in an overnight snow.

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