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Why you should sign up for an overnight

As a prospective student, there is only so much of St. John’s you can absorb in one visit. Whether you come for an information session and tour or stay for meetings and classes, the mind is only capable of so much. To allay this inevitable conundrum, the Admissions Office hosts overnights for you! This 22 hour event is full of different components to help you get a more holistic sense of St. John’s.

The event is hosted by three current students and includes three classes, three meals, an open conversation with faculty, an information session and a campus tour. St. John’s is a small community full of curious individuals that are seeking a higher education through the pursuit of knowledge. The overnight highlights the most important aspects of our community- academics, tutors, and community. You will observe a freshman seminar, Greek Language, and Mathematics allowing you to get a sneak peek into what we do here. You will attend an open conversation with a tutor where you get listen and ask all the questions you have on your mind. Although dining hall food does not sound gourmet, you will be eating among current students where you will get to both experience and observe how the students interact with each other! Outside of the structured overnight there will be time for you to interact with the students in a candid way whether it be after seminar or during meals. After seminar, students migrate towards the coffee shop for after seminar discussion and coffee. You, too, will migrate towards the coffee shop to participate in these informal discussions.

Something magical happens on campus surrounding seminar, and you get to bear witness! Overnights are an opportunity to really lean into this community to see what we are about. Tutors and students are here to learn and enjoy sharing their experiences with you! We hope to see you here on campus for an overnight!

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