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St. John’s Consulting Group

By Ehsan Nasiry

Through clubs and study groups, students have always the opportunity to learn and boost their skills in various fields. Much like classes, clubs and study groups meet regularly and work on different projects as a team. Most of the clubs are led by students while study groups are mostly led by the tutors. Among many other instructive and beneficial clubs and study groups, St. John’s students here in Santa Fe have created a consulting group. The sole purpose of this club is to provide a platform for students to explore the world of consulting and business.

“St. John’s Consulting Group is a student-run pre-professional club aimed towards the promotion and proliferation of career opportunities in the consulting industry. We believe that every member is a leader in their own regard. They can lead a case study, organize a company visit, or host a speaker of their choice. Essentially, we want our members to take charge of their future, be it in consulting or a related field.”  -Avinash Kumar, President of St. John’s Consulting Group

On Monday October 8th, St. John’s Consulting group hosted Mike Uremovich. Mr. Uremovich is an alumnus of our Graduate Institute. He has a long resume, including time as a partner at Booz Allen Hamilton. Mr. Uremovich talked about consulting as a field, in addition to discussing his personal insights and experiences.

Mr. Uremovich talked at length about his experience at the strategy consulting division of Booz Allen Hamilton (now known as Strategy&). He discussed the need for Johnnie minds working at the highest levels of corporate America. Later on, he outlined the pros and cons of the consulting life. While, according to him, consulting is an intellectual stimulating (not to mention financially rewarding) job, there is an immense personal price to pay in the form of 70-80 hour work weeks, unparalleled pressure to perform, and the almost-nonexistent work-life balance. Still, he encouraged those who really wanted the life described above, since Johnnies made solid consultants in his opinion, and he wished he underwent the program before consulting.

There were student-participants along with some of the staff members including Dean Sterling. The meeting was followed by a Q&A session and Mr. Uremovich addressed a variety of questions that the participants had.

You can read more about this club, and a similar club on our Annapolis campus, here.

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