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Johnnies Speak at Conference

By Asher Parker

On October 5th and 6th, five Johnnies, four from Santa Fe and one from Annapolis, travelled to Dallas, Texas to lecture at The Good Life: An Undergraduate Conference in the Liberal Arts, hosted by the Braniff Graduate Student Association at the University of Dallas. The conference hosted 19 lecturers from 10 colleges and universities across North America.

Representing the College, Santa Fe junior Zachary Baier delivered his lecture “Love and the Prophecy of the Oar in the Odyssey” for the panel Poetry and Eros: Marriage, Generation, and Decay.


Santa Fe senior Jack Isenberg delivered his lecture “The Song of Moses as Confirmation of Israel’s Political Character in Deuteronomy” for the Law and Tradition panel.
Annapolis senior Yingzi Zhang delivered her lecture “Protagoras’ Measure Doctrine in Plato’s Theaetetus” for the panel Man in Relation.


Santa Fe senior Asher T. Parker delivered his lecture “Hippolytus, Late Breaker of Horses: On Relation, Masculinity, and Vitality in Jean Racine’s Phèdre,” also for the Man in Relation panel.


And Santa Fe junior Emily Axelberg delivered her lecture “The Primal Eldest Curse: Shakespeare’s Hamlet as a Presentation of the Problem of Man After the Fall” for the panel Pre- and Postlapsarian Heroes.


Each of the lectures was well received and each led fruitfully to conversation amongst the conference attendees. After his lecture, Mr. Isenberg was approached regarding publication.

He is currently in talks to publish his lecture in an upcoming online journal to be launched by two Braniff College alumni.

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