I was aware St. John’s College had chorus and music sophomore year, but I conveniently forgot of this thing called freshman chorus. Receiving my schedule on orientation day, I glazed my eyes over everything thankful for my afternoon classes, but I was shocked when I saw on Thursday mornings FRESHMAN CHORUS. I felt a little lightheaded. I have a fear of singing in front of people and especially crowds,so right then and there I decided to drop out of college. Yes, that was a dramatic decision, and no, the thought never actually manifested into anything.I am still at college, and I am singing. The first day of freshman chorus was hectic, yet entertaining because my friends and I cannot read sheet music, so we were just trying to hang in with the crowd to keep up. As the weeks went by,Freshman Chorus became a nice way to have some fun and bond with classmates as we all struggle in the alto section to make slightly pleasing sounds with our mouths.

            On Friday, we had the freshman chorus concert, where upperclassman and faculty crowded around the great hall and watch us perform. I was mortified, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. At the end of the concert, the group that came to watch us cheered with a gust of enthusiasm that I was most definitely not expecting. Their support made the experience much more pleasant and memorable.

            I cannot say that I can sing now because of Freshman Chorus, but I find the activity a little easier and less terrifying. So, it has been a successful semester of singing with my classmates.

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