By Julia Cooper

OktoberFest, from my experience, has always marked the real beginning of the year. I don’t mean that it feels like the first party of the year because it is not, and I also don’t mean that it feels like the first month of school because the first month of school, as everyone knows, is a whole other thing altogether. What I mean when I say it feels like the beginning of the year is that it feels like the start of something epic. When the seasons start to change, everything changes. At this point in the year, freshman are no longer strangers, tutors know all the students names, and all your fresh school supplies have all been worn in. And as a California native, I know that when the seasons change, we are really in for it with the cold weather. That you can expect anything from freezing cold and windy to mild perfect 70s sweater weather. This is why I love Oktoberfest so much. I love these feelings! I love it when St. John’s is home again and you can feel comfortable in your pajamas during weekend brunch in the Dining Hall.

Walking out on the field with the grill going and people playing croquet on the back field and volleyball and sitting on picnic blankets and looking out feeling like you know everyone. Like you can take a break and hang out. A day where you don’t feel like you should be doing work, and can just relax. A waltz to dress up for in the afternoon and sleeping in the next morning. Oktoberfest is exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.


oktoberfest 3 oktoberfest 1.2

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