By Lauren Max

The hardest part in writing this piece is choosing what day of the week to cover. Every day brings its own challenges and its own joys, but for this post’s purposes, I will cover a typical Thursday, for it is the busiest day of the week.

7:30-8:30 am- This is when I wake up and get ready for the day. This means taking a shower and finishing up any reading that I haven’t finished. By 8:45 I am at St. John’s and have a nice large cup of coffee in my cold tired hands.

9:00-10:35 am- This is when my Language class meets. Usually, everyone is a half awake, and it takes a while for anyone, including the tutor, to wake up and begin diving into Aristotle. But as soon as we start the conversation it is hard to stop and we will usually talk through the end of class.

10:35-12:00 pm- After rushing out of Language, coffee in hand, my core mates and I will all walk into music, generally mulling over the conversation from Language. By the time everyone seated for Music class, (most) everyone is awake which allows the conversation to take off. We almost always jump right into the music. By the end of class, the pace slows down as most everyone is off for lunch.

12:00-12:30 pm- By 12 the lunchroom in Peterson is always packed with people. While this means waiting in line for food, it also means that there are plenty of people to sit with and talk to. Alas, it’s Thursday and I can’t stay too long. I leave campus by 12:30 to go to Santa Fe High School.

1:00-5:00 pm- At Santa Fe High, I help High school juniors and seniors apply for college and help them plan for the next phase of their life. I am very interested in education and being able to work with students one on one is an absolutely amazing opportunity. That is why one reason why Thursday is also my favorite day of the week. After all the students have left, I leave to go back to St. John’s and grab my second if not my third coffee.

5:30-7:30 pm- During this time you can most often find me in the Library, frantically reading away sipping on my sweet life-giving caffeine. When the library is practically empty, and the bell on Weigle Hall rings at 7:15, I gather my belongings and walk off to the ESL for Seminar!

7:30-9:30 pm- This is, of course, the ever important Seminar time. We read philosophy and literature, and just recently Shakespeare’s “As You Like It”. I adore the people in my seminar and even if the seminar is rough, I look forward to listening to and talking with these amazing people about a great book.

9:35-10:00 pm- This is the time when I walk around and talk with people outside of class about the book, life or both. Even though it’s the end of the day and I am always tired by this point, I stay out late chatting anyways, simply because the people at this campus are captivating, and there is always someone who wants to talk. I usually head home feeling that end-of-a-busy-day kind of satisfied exhaustion.

10:15-12:00 pm- Now it is time for me to make a late night snack, crawl into my PJ’s, and finish up any reading for the next day, and best of all, fall asleep!!

So this has been a typical Thursday in the life of a typical St. John’s student.

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