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Sailing at St. John’s College, Annapolis


By Brian Liu

At St. John’s College in Annapolis we also love to sail. The video is a brief preview into the experience. We asked a Catherine White (A’16) to write a blurb about the sailing program here.

At St. John’s, we learn about the world through direct engagement with the great books. We spend a lot of time reading difficult texts and working together to try and understand what these books are saying. It’s difficult and exhausting, but ultimately we find it more satisfying than other styles of learning. Though sailing is an extracurricular, we approach learning how to sail in the same way we approach classroom learning-new sailors spend a lot of time on the Severn River learning boat handling and tactics by practicing with other students. This makes sailing more than just an extracurricular activity or sport; it is also a reflection of the our desire to engage with the world around us to better understand it.


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