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By Nina Wernick

The Greenfield Library holds a book collecting contest every year. As soon as I heard this, I called my friend Madeleine to see if she wanted to submit our joint Jane Austen collection. For, it is a truth universally acknowledged that every young Austenite in possession of books must have a wonderful selection by her favorite authoress. Naturally, she said yes, and the two of us wrote dazzling summaries about why these books are so wonderful. After submitting, we waited quite patiently through a blizzard and a deadline extension for the results to arrive. Lo and behold, we received an honorable mention. In vain did we struggle to choose which of our beloved volumes should go on display. An email went out to the school with our picture and our paper (which you can read here) on why Jane Austen is still absolutely applicable to daily life. Our most beloved books are proudly showcased in the library and we know our foremother would be proud.


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