St. John's College Santa Fe Student Activities

No Questions at this Time

By Jane Vick

At. St. John’s we ask a lot of questions, about everything and then some.  What does it mean? How did you interpret that passage? What is God? Does time exist? Can you flesh that out? You get the point. We think constantly, pushing our minds to intellectuals limits and to the point of temporary(?) insanity.

Why do we do it? Well, that question seems to explain, if not answer, itself. We ask because, why not? We ask because we cannot think of a reason not to pursue knowledge and understanding to its or our limits. We push when it seems like there’s nothing left, and we always find more. It’s a goddamn thrilling and totally exhausting experience. At the end of the week the mental drain becomes so ultimate that nothing in the cosmos sounds better than a cosmo and some mindless chatter with your ladies. (This may be specific to me, but you get the picture.)

Yesterday I went out with my aforementioned ladies, to a few galleries and a light show at Santa Fe Institute of Art and Design. It was a stunning occasion, and just the break I needed. At one point, while waiting for the show to begin, we stopped into Eggshell and Walrus, a hipster-like gallery in the plaza, for the opening of a photographer’s latest work. She was fabulous, and some of her nudes really moved me. We made our way through the showing, and then towards the door. As we left, the proprietor turned towards us and asked ,

“Any questions?”

I couldn’t help smiling as I responded.

“Not at this time, but I’ll let you know if anything comes to mind.”

As we walked down the stairs, laughing and loving the beauty that surrounds us, I had a revelation. Nothing is more rewarding then having pushed your mind, your intellectual capacities,  and your ability to question to the point that you truly don’t have any questions. 


At least not at this time.

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