The Program

Au Revoir!

By A.J. Peters

By the time this is published I’ll be packing my bags to go home. I’ll have had my Don Rag, my last Man Without Qualities precept, and will have finished one last paper.

It’s been a great — even if at times absurdly difficult — semester. In seminar we read the (perhaps) first modern novel,  Descartes’s je pense, donc je suis, and Spinoza’s founding of ethics. In math we squared the lune alongside Hippocrates, and learned calculus from the man himself (and some notes from Mr. Rawn). In lab — where to even begin? — we worked our way through Galileo’s descriptions of parabolic motion, Huygen’s boat, and even calculated the speed of light using our own observations of an eclipse of Io. Yes, it’s been a good semester.

I hope everyone enjoys their time off, and is able to get a little rest in over winter break. The blog will likely be quiet for the next month or so, but if you’re really jonesing for something to read, there’s always this. Or this.

See you in January!


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