moonrise on JCR balcony

A spring sunset/moonrise over the Junior Common Room balcony. Gorgeous…  (via Instagram)



The student writing staff of the johnnie chair blog

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  1. johnniechair

    I hate being a downer, but I think many of my sitters would take issue with a blog run by admissions-office student workers representing itself with a tagline like: {an uncensored look at life at st. john’s college}. As a fellow chair, I have and continue to see the beautiful and the ugly at SJC; considering who writes/pays for this blog, I am sure that there is plenty of SJC content and happenings that would not be posted here, but that would be significant to the community. Please find a more honest tagline — even “life at st. john’s college” feels less dirty, though still a bit dishonest.


  2. A.J. Peters

    Sorry if it feels like we’re being misleading. For a while we just had “life at st. john’s college”, as it seems like you noticed. A main idea of the blog was to show what life as a SJC student
    could be like, not necessarily what every single life on campus is
    like. One of the reasons I changed it was to try to make it clearer that it’s a student-run blog, and that no admissions counselor is signing off on what we post or suggesting content. But of course, I still censor myself–it’s not uncensored in the HBO Special sense of the word. I wasn’t thinking people would take it that way, and will change it to avoid the confusion. Thanks for the feedback.


  3. johnniechair

    I actually didn’t notice it had been “life at st. john’s college,” but after 75 years we chairs are pretty good guessers! Thanks for the change and serious consideration of my opinion, and I hope it didn’t come off too harshly — best of luck!


    • A.J. Peters

      I just realized I never responded to this. Not a problem about the change, and no worries—it didn’t come off as too harsh. We always appreciate feedback.


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