Open Mic night poster

By A.J. Peters

I’ve recently started working on the St. John’s literary and arts magazine with my good friend, Aidan Freeman, and we’re trying to generate a little hype to get more people submitting. We’ve been working to host an open mic night for a while, and it’s finally happening tonight. I’m still not sure how many people plan on coming, but just hearing people talk about the poetry they plan to read or the songs they plan to sing is getting me excited. So much of our work here (read: life) is centered around reading, discussing, and trying to understand, and that’s a great thing. But it’s also wonderful to get a chance to see Johnnies show off their creative sides in a different sort of atmosphere. I’ll be reading a Neruda poem, La Mamadre, and also one of my own (granted I don’t think too much about it and lose the courage). I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow!

For more information check out (Forgive me for the sales pitch).


Open Mic night poster

The Grout Poster
Advertising for more submissions to the Grout, the literary and arts magazine of St. John’s. Sometimes absurdity is best…

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