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Happy Halloween and Hello Seminar Paper!

By A.J. Peters

Happy Halloween everyone!

It’s been a busy week. Sophmore seminar papers are due this Monday, and I’m trying hard to have a more final draft I can work with over the weekend. I’ve developed a wonderful routine of doing my readings in the afternoon, taking a break around dinner time to climb with the St. John’s climbing club at the local gym, and then sipping mate and staying up late to write. As challenging as seminar papers are (or perhaps because of it), there is something so enjoyable about this type of work – at one moment confused, another enlightened, always questioning, always engaged. There’s a way in which they force you to spill a little of your soul in 12pt Times New Roman. I’ll be meeting with one of my tutors at lunch today (one of the boons of a small college), and I have high hopes that a little more coffee and a little more conversation will go a long ways.

In the meantime, a photo from the archives. Ladies and gentlemen, here it is, the much-lauded johnnie chair blancing act:

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