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SF12 Grad will Teach English in Malaysia with Fulbright Fellowship

By A.J. Peters

Aparna Ravilochan, a graduate of the Santa Fe Class of ’12, will leave this winter to spend a year teaching English in a rural school in Malaysia on a Fulbright Fellowship. Congratulations Aparna!

“The relationships are what I’m most excited about. It’s an opportunity to connect with people I otherwise would never be able to meet and to live with them in a completely different lifestyle,” she says. “I’ve come to love talking to people, hearing their stories. I think having an exchange like that across cultural boundaries will be even more illuminating and exciting.” Ravilochan also looks forward to sharing her knowledge of English. As a writing assistant for two years at St. John’s, she discovered a passion for English and teaching. Although Ravilochan has much to bring to her Fulbright teaching position, she knows that Malaysia will have much to teach her as well.

Read the full story on page 16 of The College.

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