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Ask A Student: When You’re New and Have Questions

One of the most common questions that new and prospective students ask is if they can talk with a current student about the program, daily life, extracurricular activities, and any number of other things. There are Ask Me Anything events, virtual open houses, virtual visits, and sometimes you can be sent to a student through a counselor, but there is another option that not all newcomers are aware of: the Ask A Student page.

So let’s say you are anxious about what life in the dorms is like. Are there quiet options? Do I have to have a roommate? What’s the social life like? Are accommodations actually good for X? Any good parties? How are the common rooms? 

These are not ordinary times, and while the campus is starting to open up a little bit, it will be a while before things are back to normal. Such a service is even more important! What are zoom classes like? What limitations are there? Remote social options? Does campus matter? What equipment will I need and what’s recommended? There are so many questions that are not obvious or about the program that can trip you up.

Last year, I was a sophomore, and while that’s not necessarily a time when you feel you have fully mastered the ins and outs of college life, you know your way around. I needed to do my laundry, and in order to do that on campus you used to have to use a clunky card reader. We had just changed over to an app. I walked in to find a freshman looking around with anxious eyes. It turns out no one had let then in on how you do laundry yet, and I paused to guide her through the app, and went on my way to write a paper. 

You don’t really know in advance how laundry is done, or who you can turn to, without asking, and getting and giving that help is important – and even better if you know before you realize it in the laundry room.

As well, being new is hard and intimidating emotionally! Having a connection to someone can really help the transition into being a college student, in person or not, and having support is more important than ever. 

What do you have to do? On this page of the SJC website, there’s a list of student ambassadors for each campus, with a little introduction. Email the ask a student account for Annapolis or Santa Fe, and it will be forwarded to one of us. Ask your questions and we will answer! No question is too silly, and we love getting to meet you!

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