The Program

Academic Assistance Panel

On Wednesday, October 21st, Assistant Dean, Mr. Golluber facilitated a panel for students and the Academic Assistants. Students were given the chance to meet the academic assistants face to face and ask them questions about how to get the most out of their services.

The academic assistants are fellow students who provide a greater understanding on the following subjects: Ancient Greek, French, Freshman Math, Sophomore Math, Algebra, Junior Math, Senior Math, Writing, Freshman Lab, and Junior Lab.

Students can review math and lab problems, Ancient Greek structure, and essay editing with the team.

The academic assistance team are always eager to help fellow Johnnies, and are available at certain hours that students can choose from to utilize these services. Before COVID-19 academic meetings were held in the coffee shop or The Cave. During this time meetings can be held via FaceTime, Zoom, Discord, or other student preferred communication channels. There is as much formality for these meetings as is warranted by the students.

Math and Lab assistants emphasized that students should not feel embarrassed or stressed if they need help understanding more basic concepts; no topic relating to the subjects at the College is off the table. They also chimed in to say that it is helpful and a lot of fun for them to work through the Program again and learn something new themselves.

Academic assistants are there to help with any problems and to help students work through the Program in the best way possible.

Personally, I like to use writing assistance. During this process I usually prefer to have help with editing my draft; I will send my paper to the assistant and then we set up a meeting to go over structure, grammar, and any other ideas they find to be helpful. A great tip I have learned from them is to read aloud what I have written to hear if it makes sense. When I am in need of writing assistance, it is helpful to meet two to three times before I feel the paper is satisfactory, depending on the length of the paper. The greatest part of utilizing this, for me, has been learning how to write papers that are clear and concise. I would recommend all students become familiar with the academic assistance in times of need.

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