Campus: Santa Fe Summer Academy

Summer Retrospective

The high energy marathon that is Summer Academy ended last week, and with it went the swing dancing lessons I taught with Lyla, the Santa Fe Opera, late night guitar jams, amazing literature, and so much pizza. After my third year RA-ing for Summer Academy, I am left with that all too familiar feeling of exhaustion—and with the new school year just around the corner, I need to take some time to rest and reflect. For me, the end of Summer Academy marks the end of another summer spent at St. John’s, and before the bonfires, sweaters, hot chocolate, and school work all come back in the fall I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the rest of the summer.

This summer, the college hired me full-time in the admissions office. Getting up at 7:15 and working from 9-5 for two months felt really good. It was as if, even for just a moment, I was a “real adult.” Something wonderful I didn’t realize about this schedule is how much time you have for yourself after work. After you clock out at 5, the sun is still up till 8 or 9. It felt as if I was gifted two full days’ worth of time in the summer; one for work and one for me. Because of that this summer has been very productive. After work, I could focus on personal growth or take time to read or journal, go for a walk or hike, do laundry, and binge that TV show I’ve been meaning to finish. I even bought three plants to take care of…a big step for me! After having experienced life this summer, the prospect of leaving college and entering into the “real world” is a little less scary. If you have the chance to intern or work over the summer, do it!

Thanks, Santa Fe.  I wouldn’t have traded this summer for anything!

1 comment on “Summer Retrospective

  1. Joann Calderone

    Hi Douglas! What an introspective – so well articulated. I can hear your voice and see your smiling expressions as I read this beautiful piece of work! Your description is so crisp that it makes my 60 something brain want to go to St. Johns to study and share some of your experiences! Thanks for making me smile!
    Best Always,
    Joann and Charlie

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