Campus: Santa Fe Summer Academy

Introducing: The Santa Fe Summer Academy RA’s

It’s finally time for Summer Academy Santa Fe!

Well, for this year’s attendees that is. For the Summer Academy crew here at the St. John’s College Santa Fe campus, these weeks are the culmination after months of preparation and training to create an exciting and unforgettable experience for everyone. We hope you’ve all been reading your seminar texts!

Pictured, left to right: (back) Doug Spurlock, Max Fleishman, Shane Williams; (middle) Charlie Dight, Emma Theis; (front) Rory Johnson, Lyla Rosen, Gabriela Sanchez

We’re sure all of you are interested in getting to know the Resident Assistants (RA’s) that will be taking care of your dorms, hosting guerrilla seminars and assisting in other activities throughout the week. All our RA’s are students here at St. John’s College, and are all willing and able to speak about their own experiences here. Below is a bit of information about each of them to get you started.

Name: Rory Quinn Johnson
Class of 2022, Annapolis
Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland
Fun Fact: Trees excite me and the ocean is my mother.

Name: Gabriela Sanchez
Class of 2020, Annapolis
Hometown: West Palm Beach, Florida
Fun Fact: I helped build a monument in Ireland and learned masonry there for three weeks.

Name: Shane Williams
Class of 2021, Annapolis
Hometown: Lubbock, Texas
Fun Fact: I can play the banjo, that’s about it.

Name: Lyla Rosen
Class of 2020, Santa Fe
Hometown: Kailua, Hawaii
Fun Fact: I’m allergic to bananas.

Name: Maxfield Fleishman
Class of 2021, Santa Fe
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Fun Fact: I love playing music: I play guitar, drums, bass, piano, washboard, as well as most percussion instruments.

Name: Doug Spurlock
Class of 2020, Santa Fe
Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona
Fun Fact: I like writing really fancy letters to far away friends. I decorate the envelopes and seal them with wax.

Name: Charlie Dight
Class of 2022, Santa Fe
Hometown: Mesa, Arizona
Fun Fact: During the school year, I work for the SJC Outdoor Program.

Name: Emma Theis
Class of 2021, Santa Fe
Hometown: Denver, Colorado
Fun Fact: I own a 7 year old royal python named Todd.

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