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Spring Has Sprung in Santa Fe!

Spring has sprung here in Santa Fe, and we’re ringing in the season with a whole lot of sun.  Spring is often touted as the best season here in Santa Fe, and the St. John’s College campus is especially lively.  Here’s why:


1. Slackliners & Hula Hoopers

People on the St. John’s College Santa Fe campus are always taking advantage of the chance to do things outdoors.  When spring rolls around, the college placita is decorated with hula hoops and bare feet, and slackliners take advantage of the trees around campus to set up their slackropes.  Grassy knoll–our beloved oasis located in the middle of campus–is once again peopled with students reading and chatting and sun bathing.

2. These Mountains

The Santa Fe campus is located directly in the foothills of the mountains–walk a few meters off campus and you’re already on a trailhead.  Atalaya, Monte Sol, Monte Luna–they’re all incredible spots with stellar views.

3.  Flowers!

Flowers are everywhere in Santa Fe during the springtime, and they’re mingled among cacti and blue skies.  The Santa Fe campus has an extraordinary amount of flowering bushes and trees, and the layout of the campus’ winding paths and warm colors make it blend seamlessly into the New Mexican landscape.

4. Tunes at Noon

When the weather gets warm, the college’s Tunes at Noon band–comprised of tutors and students–start playing together outside again at lunchtime.  After getting your lunch, you can sit outside in Schepp’s Garden and listen to some sweet Irish tunes.

5. Classes Outside

On occasion, tutorials will be held outside on Grassy Knoll.  Tutors and students sit around in a circle and discuss the readings in the sunshine!

6.  Santa Fe’s Farmer’s Market

For fresh fruits and vegetables, stop by Santa Fe’s farmers market–rated #1 Farmer’s Market in America.  Read about it here:


St. Johns College - Music at High Noon


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