We were a bit late in celebrating this Hindu festival of lights at our campus, but better late than sorry right? It was a very fun experience being a leading part of making this celebration possible. This campus has a pretty big international community and arranging events which spread the knowledge of other cultures has always been pretty successful.  

This year, we threw this party in the Uppers Commons. Having two stories  gave us ample space to dance, eat and socialize. The decorations were awesome, the vibe different from usual parties at St. John’s Santa Fe. The music was new to most of the students, and even though people could not understand the words, they danced to the rhythm and beats of the music. 

Most of the food was cooked by students. Days where spent in an effort to make this celebration a success. And our effort was rewarded: the crowd was big and diverse; people enjoyed the food and just a chance to relax and interact with each other in an informal setting without any judgement. This party is, hopefully, going to become a custom for us at St. John’s College.

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