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A Day in the Life of a Sophomore

By Cintia Osorio Sosa

My busiest day of the week both Freshman and now Sophomore year has been Fridays. It consists of running around from class to class with work in between and ending the busiest part of my day at 4:30.

8:30-10:15 Wake up!! I get up and drink water, it helps to make me feel awake. I play music and rush to the shower, then I usually finish any Greek translations in order to prepare for my afternoon Greek class. I rush out the door and go by the dining hall to get a cup of fruit and then I go to class.

10:35-11:30- At this point I am sitting in music class, my classmates are making jokes or talking about their other classes and we begin class. I have a really nice mix of people in my class so it is always interesting and funny. We usually go around the room composing chords or listening to St. Mathew’s Passion.

11:30-1 When music ends I rush to to the Admission Office for work. Going to work always gives me a sense of focus. My shift usually coincides with lunch time so I have lunch with prospective students. It is always exciting to meet new people and talk to them about my experience at St. John’s. Talking to prospies (prospective students) always reminds me of when I was applying to college, so it is rewarding to see their excitement about St. John’s.

1:00-1:15 I go get lunch at the dining hall, my go to is a smoothie and a sandwich when I am in a rush. I am a pretty fast eater so lunch only lasts about 10-15 minutes for me.

1:-1:30- I look over my math reading again just before class starts, it always helps to reread my notes.

1:30- 2:55 Math class starts when Mr. Bybee walks in with his brown briefcase. We are always joking around before he comes in about whatever unusual thing happened to us throughout the week. To begin class one person is called upon  to name everyone in the class by their last name, it took us a few weeks  to remember! Then another person names everyone starting from the opposite side of the table. After naming everyone who is present, we name everyone that is absent. Then the class starts, we begin by having one person read the reading out loud and another person to explain it the text. Math class is always interesting so time flies by.

2:55-3:05 During this 10 minute break before my next class, I sit outside and listen to music.

3:05-4:30- Greek class is my favorite this year, we usually begin by going through the translation and then we have a discussion about a particular topic that has been raised about the text. This year we are translating the Sophocles play Philoctetes! Sometimes our tutor will give us separate readings which give us the opportunity to read something different. Everyone in my class  is so interested in this particular play that we tend to always be excited about the discussions.

4:45- 6pm  This is my favorite time on Friday, because I get to take a nap!! I didn’t understand why adults loved sleeping until now. I love getting home and resting after a long day of classes but sometimes when I can’t sleep I’ll watch a movie as a way to have some down time to myself. Lately, I’ll go outside to my balcony and draw while listening to music!

6:-6:30 I have dinner which is a nice to meet with friends and share our week.

7 pm– I hangout  with my friends, and if there is an event on campus we usually go, whether it is a cave party or  getting snacks at one of the events at the great hall.

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