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Shammai Holds Prayer Sessions on Campus

By Helen Hankey

St. John’s College is a diverse community where people of differing faiths, socioeconomic, political views, and beyond come together. We often find ourselves discussing our differences, celebrating our differences, and sometimes raising awareness.

This week, in the wake of the tragic event that took place in Pittsburgh. Our community came together. As the archon of our Jewish student organization, Shammai, we decided not to hide our faith in fear, but to increase Jewish visibility on campus. To do this, I invited others to pray alongside me out on the quad every day this week:




Thursday- 7:00-7:15pm

Friday- on the first floor of Gilliam, for a full Shabbat service 6:00-6:45

I put forth a call to action, “I know in times like these, it’s easy to be silent and do nothing in the face of injustice. That’s not what Shammai is about, and it’s not what anyone at this school should be about either. When I pray publicly, I create an undeniable Jewish presence on campus. We’re not afraid. Show that hatred has no place here. Join me.”

It was great to see our community come together in support.

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