By Ehsan Nasiry

Summer is a season that everyone looks forward to, especially students after completing one year of their education. Typically it is time for students to have fun and take a break and travel around. There are places where students who can go and just relax. However, for St. John’s students summer is more fun while being around the town. A city full of arts like Santa Fe can’t be found just anywhere. From free concerts in the Santa Fe Plaza to historical museums like the Georgia O’Keeffe museum to the international folk art market, summers are memorable for anyone who spends some time in Santa Fe.

plaza 6

The Santa Fe Plaza is a special place for everyone. It has been a gathering place since 1610, and the history it carries and the stories behind every wall here is something one will never forget. Being a student of such a rigorous program is not easy but Santa Fe Plaza helps overcome all the stress for students, and free evening concerts in the Plaza are a great way to leave the stress behind and appreciate life.

plaza 2

Moreover, one of the many factors that add to the beauty of Santa Fe Plaza is the unique architecture that is used to build buildings. Unlike many cities Santa Fe has a distinctive architectural method. The low slung and earth-colored buildings made of adobe bricks attract everyone’s attention. The traditional system of housing in Santa Fe is adds to the uniqueness of this historical area.

plaza 4

Last but not least, delicious foods served in the restaurants filled with love and joy is another attraction of the Plaza. From a traditional and unconventional system of learning to its location in one of the most beautiful cities in United States, St. John’s is a unique place.

Every friday night in the summertime, the Plaza hosts a number of bands to entertain concertgoers from all over. Local food vendors will join them to make for a truly entertaining and unforgettable experience. For a complete list of acts, check out the calendar below. For more information, check out the full Santa Fe Bandstand website.

santa fe caldendar

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