By Rowan Sinclair-Gregg

Friday, May 4th was the fifth celebration of Holi on the Santa Fe Campus. It marked the beginning of spring, and, coincidentally, the first consistent bout of warm weather we’ve had yet.
In addition to color pigments and water games, there was dancing. bollywood music and south asian cuisine.
I want to leave off with some words from Anupama Bhatta.  Bhatta is a current Sophomore and one of the event’s coordinators– she told me about what the event meant to her:
“The value that I find personally in the experience is paramount. The festival of Holi is structured in a way such that kids can enjoy themselves to the fullest, by playing with water and colors. Almost all South Asian kids are raised to learn to love loud and colorful celebrations such as this one, and experiencing the festival with loved ones every year only makes our bond with Holi stronger with time. For that reason, getting to celebrate this beloved festival not only with our South Asian friends, but also with our friends of several nationalities here at SJC, and having this opportunity to introduce part of our culture to our friends is what I have loved and enjoyed the most about Holi for the last two years.”
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