By Cookie Chang

Every single year, in the month of April, the intramural program at St. John’s Annapolis engages students in an ongoing weekly spring soccer tournament.

The tournament is student led and student run, which allows students to gain experience from a whole new different perspective. This opportunity allows everybody the chance to play soccer, whether or not you are experienced. Some of our students are very adept at soccer and have been playing for years, while for others this tournament will be the first time they’ve ever played! It’s a wonderful event to encourage Johnnies to be active on campus and engage with fellow students outside of the classroom.

In addition, this tournament allows students who have not yet served as intramural team captains to find out what it’s like. Soccer tournament captains go through a process very similar to one that the student captains of our five intramural go through in the beginning of each school year, including drafting teams, running subs, and encouraging people to come play.

The spring soccer tournament fits in perfectly with our intramural program and allows even more people to come out and play sports!

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