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One College Two Campuses: A Blog Series about Intercampus Transfer (Part 2)

By Janet Angulo

St. John’s College has two campuses-one in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and another in Annapolis, Maryland. Students have the opportunity to study the program in either setting and can transfer between the two campuses in their time at the college.

The selection process for transfer seeks to maintain a sustainable balance of students between the two campuses and this means that there are a limited amount of students that can transfer each year.

It is an exciting day when the registrar offers you the chance to transfer, but, of course, there are many factors to consider when deciding to move to another campus.

Last spring I asked one of my fellow Johnnies, Jessica Thiebaut A18, some questions about her transfer experiences, and here is what she had  to say.

 Janet Angulo: Where did you begin your St. John’s education?

Jessica Thiebaut: I went to Santa Fe for my freshman year.

JA: When did you transfer? Why?

JF: I transferred as a Junior mainly for the experience. I had visited the Annapolis campus before, and immediately fell in love with it. It’s a completely different environment from Santa Fe and I wanted to explore it a little more.

JA: How would you describe your transfer experience?

JF: The life of a “Fe” transfer in Annapolis definitely takes some adjusting( at least for me it did) but everyone is super friendly and welcoming on campus. I’m no longer at the top of a mountain away from the rest of society, so it is nice to experience the city life. The tutors, students, and other staff members are just as great as those in Santa Fe. It was not an easy decision to make. I knew I would miss my friends and would miss being close to home, but I made a decision for my self that I am very pleased with. Doing two years in Santa Fe and two in Annapolis has been a great opportunity.

JA: Where will you complete the next year of your St. John’s education? Why?

JF: I am going to stay in Annapolis for senior year. I’m loving everything about living here and I feel like there is still so much left for me to experience on this campus.

JA: What is your favorite thing about the Annapolis campus?

JF: I have a ton of reasons for loving Annapolis. Being right by the water is so relaxing, being in walking distance of restaurants and pubs makes off campus life easy and fun, being in Annapolis has meant that I’ve gotten to travel to New York, Washington D.C., Pittsburg, and other places I had never been to before.

JA: What is your favorite thing about the Santa Fe campus?

JF: My favorite things about Santa Fe are the tutors, my friends, the swing behind uppers dorms, and of course, the gorgeous sunsets and stars at night.

 Jessica Thiebaut and friends during a visit to Central Park, NYC
Jessica Thiebaut and friends during a visit to Central Park, NYC

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