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Second Semester Student Activities Fair

By Anh Do

After a well-derserved and restful winter break, we were welcome  back to school with a bustling Student Activities Fair. Every semester we have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the lively atmosphere of promoting extracurricular activities at St. John’s College. This year we had a great turn-out from many student clubs and organizations, such as The Moon, Archery, International Students’ Association, Yoga, Great Works by Women Writers Study Group, Sustainability, etc. I myself was a representative of Dancehibition, an annual dance show at the college where students gather to celebrate dance as a beautiful form of performance art.


Being able to talk about an event that means so much to me personally and to share not only my experience but also those of other students who took part in it was very exciting. It was also a great opportunity for me to meet new January freshmen who were recently enrolled at the college. I was glad to find out that quite a few members of the January freshmen class this year were not only interested in dancing, but also have had experience in dancing. Taking short breaks during the fair allowed me to go to other tables and to find out about new student clubs and activities. It was also nice to see my friends again who were attending the fair. My second semester of junior year thus kicked off with a fun Student Activities Fair, from which I can hope for more engagement and support for Dancehibition from the student body.

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