By Doug Spurlock

People from all over come to the west to see its natural beauty, and New Mexico is no exception. But if you’ve never been out west, then you’ve probably never seen anything quite like the southwestern sky. Here are some of, what I think, are the most beautiful skies of Santa Fe. [All these pictures were taken on or around St. John’s campus with the exception of “Balloon Fiesta” (taken in Albuquerque)]

Pastel Summer: Douglas Spurlock SF20IMG-9392

Foggy Morning: Douglas Spurlock SF20IMG-7133

Winiarski’s Promise: Douglas Spurlock SF20IMG-6440

Frozen Sol: Douglas Spurlock SF20IMG-7547

The Purple Summons: Douglas Spurlock SF20IMG-5714

Southwest Rays: Douglas Spurlock SF20IMG-9121

Early Evening Flare: Douglas Spurlock SF20IMG-5823

Balloon Fiesta: Rachel Taylor SF20IMG-0717

Vista de la Polyhymnia: Douglas Spurlock SF20IMG-6335

Autumn Arrives: Douglas Spurlock SF20IMG-0592

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