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Holi Celebration

By Richa Bhattarai

Pangaea, the international students’ club of the Annapolis campus, hosted their annual Holi festival on Sunday, May 7, 2017. As most South Asian festivals follow the lunar calendar, the day of Holi varies from year to year. However, it always falls on one of the full moon days towards the beginning of spring. This year, Holi was on March 1. Since the students were on spring break during that time and the weather was still chilly outside, Pangea decided to push the celebration further by two months. Though the celebration was not happening on the same day of Holi, our students from South Asia who hold this festival close to their hearts, seemed to thoroughly enjoy the celebration. It was even more pleasant to see our domestic students and international students from other regions embracing this cultural celebration with enthusiasm.

Holi is a celebration that has its roots in the South Asian region. More recently, it has been popular in the west as the festival of colors. Holi signifies the arrival of spring and is one of the many festivals of the region which celebrates victory of good over evil. Holi is usually celebrated by painting each other with colored powder, throwing water balloons at one another and splashing each other with water. Later in the day after sunset, there may also be a big communal bonfire.

The international students in Santa Fe also host an annual Holi festival. Here are some photos from their celebration:



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