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The Concerts at St. John’s on a Friday Night

By A.J. Peters

Last Friday, I saw one of the best classical concerts I’ve ever been (though admittedly, I haven’t been to many) right in the Santa Fe Campus’s Great Hall. It was standing room only, with students sitting on the ground to fill the aisles as well. I snapped this photo before they started playing, so it’s not very interesting, but I’m glad I didn’t try to whip out my phone in the middle of Stravinsky. My favorite piece was Tchaikovsky’s Serenade for Strings in C MajorI’m listening to it again as I write this, and it still astounds me that something so powerful can be built out of four instruments. Pro Musica plays at St. John's


Afterwards, I went down to our student-run coffee shop, The Cave, as set-up began for another concert. I didn’t stay for that one, but I love that I go to a school where students can see a double feature of classical and garage-rock, live, on the same night. Here’s the band getting ready, with Kant and Descartes watching over (portraits drawn by the talented Emma Goos!):


Concert in the Cave, at St. John's, Santa Fe

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