By A.J. Peters

I’m excited to announce that Johnnietalk, the former student-blog of Annapolis, has officially joined forces with The Johnnie Chair, to form a super-student-blog. We’ll now be displaying posts from both campuses, and are working on a way to make it easy to recognize which campus content is from. I think it will be a fun way for students from both campuses to see what life is like at the other, and to give viewers who aren’t St. John’s students a way to explore without immediately picking which campus they’re interested in. Three cheers for liberal education!

2 comments on “Hello and Welcome, Annapolis!

  1. annapolisstudent

    I’m sure you guys are still working on integrating, but you should add the student bios from the old Annapolis blog. They are woefully unrepresented.


  2. A.J. Peters

    Yes, thanks! Working on that.


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