St. John's College Santa Fe

Ooooh, shiny…

By Rory Gilchrist

If you’ve searched for St. John’s within the past week or so, you probably noticed our new website. It’s been launched after a large-scale redesign as part of the continuing question of how St. John’s should be spreading the word about what we do here. Of course, we at thejohnniechair think that the internet should be a big part of that, and students, tutors and the wider college community gave valuable input over many, many months as to what it should look like. It’s not perfect yet, and there’ll be many changes gradually implemented to get everything just right.

My favorite part of the new website is the Intellectual Explorers microsite. Check out that link to see videos of students talking about what they’re most passionate about, in there own words. Check out Zoe’s chalk-talks of the program by year, then see what other videos interest you. (You might even find a few videos featuring some of this blog’s contributors….)

1 comment on “Ooooh, shiny…

  1. A.J. Peters

    Any favorite videos from the Microsite? I’ve taken a look at it a couple of times, and it seems cool, but there are just so many…


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