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I Want a Girl Who Reads


A couple of months ago Mark Grist’s Girls Who Read popped up on Upworthy, and almost instantaneously seemed to elicit responses from all corners of the web. Some loved it (it’s a feminine anthem!). Others hated it (it’s an objectification of women’s minds!).

To be honest, I find it fantastic. I’m still not quite sure what I think about it in a let’s-sit-around-the-seminar-table-and-find-the-immortal-Truth sort of  way, but there’s something about it that makes me chuckle to myself, and even feel a little fuzzy inside. Maybe it’s because, for better or worse, I’m that guy.

If you do find it offensive, let me know why in the comments. Maybe we can show the world what dialectic really is, and that not every Youtube discussion has to digress into threats of murder.

By A.J. Peters

The student writing staff of the johnnie chair blog

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