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Friends, Food, Snow, Skiing, and Dancing: A Very Good Winter Weekend

By A.J. Peters

My weekend began with a bundled walk with friends through the dry, cutting air of a desert’s winter afternoon. It had snowed for most of Wednesday night and Thursday morning, and it wasn’t any less gorgeous by Friday.

I woke up early Saturday morning to go skiing with a friend at Taos — a day I had been looking forward to all fall. We filled the thermos with coffee, loaded the skis in the bed of the truck, and drove out of town to the sound of our own excitement. After a full day of skiing, we arrived back to Santa Fe just in time for a dinner party and drinks beside a freshly-made fire. When dinner was finished and the dishes were washed, we quickly changed our clothes and left for the Winter Ball — a black tie affair in the Great Hall featuring food, drinks, and live jazz. An hour or two later I collapsed in bed, exhausted. Reaching my hand over I set my alarm to early, and woke up the next morning to do it all again.

A very good weekend indeed.


Snowy St. John's College Soccer Field
St. John's College Winter Ball
St. John's College Ski Club at Taos

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1 comment on “Friends, Food, Snow, Skiing, and Dancing: A Very Good Winter Weekend

  1. Rory Gilchrist

    wow AJ these are some really beautiful photos! Incredible shot of those ski-lifts!


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