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Letter from the Editors

By A.J., Rory, and Bilsana

Hey guys!

We’ve had a great time launching the blog this semester, and the feedback we’ve received from you has made this experience all the more rewarding. The school year is ending (already! so fast, we know…) and we in the Admissions office are looking to the future. Over the summer, we have plans to go fishing in Alaska, deliver seminars in China as part of a Project for Peace, and finally read that book!

Rory will be working in the office over the summer, and as an RA of the Summer Academy, so he’ll be looking over the blog (and instagramming things from time to time) so if you have any questions you can still ask him a question.

Otherwise, have a great summer!

―A.J., Rory and Bilsana

P.S. Some advice. If you’ll be attending St. John’s this fall, you will doubtless feel the temptation to read Program books. Resist! Spend your time reading anything that isn’t on the Program. You’ll miss having the time to do that when your here, and it takes a little while to understand how to read a book for seminar. All in good time, my friends.

P.P.S. If you’re new here, the about page is a good place to start. We won’t bother asking what you’re doing checking out colleges over the summer…

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