By A.J. Peters

Tuesday Soccer at St. John's College

One of my greatest fears as I considered attending St. John’s was that I would be forced to give up sports in exchange for the Program. I figured that at a school where chalkboards reign supreme and the themes for weekend parties are inspired by ancient Greek texts (sophistry contest and all), there wouldn’t be too many people interested in team sports. I played soccer competitively on my high school team and while I was willing to pursue the Great Books at the expense of the sport, I wished I could have had it both ways. Which is why it has been all the more fun to discover pick-up soccer at St. John’s this spring. The turn-out is great: the last couple of times I’ve gone we’ve had around 20 or so players. And the quality of play is just what I had been hoping for: high enough to be fun for a varsity player, but still casual enough to be accessible to those just looking for a little exercise.

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